Uncharted Courses

The adventure continues!
Uncharted Courses

Uncharted Courses

All about Shawn and Geri


Shawn is a product manager at ServiceNow – but, he also likes devices, wants to know how things work, strives to make systems efficient and automatic, cares about things like fault tolerance, mean time between failures, failure modes – that sort of thing. When he creates, it always requires a lot of research and involves some sort of technology. You could say, “Shawn want’s to know” and finish it with just about anything; What’s around the corner? What does the sand on that beach feel like? How much fuel are we using? I think you get the idea.

The back of our helm while Shawn is upgrading us to a glass bridge


Geri is a nurse. You could almost just stop there but, she’s so much more than that. She’s also the proud mother of three amazing young men, has the determination to finish triathlons (if you haven’t tried, you just don’t know!), an almost supernatural ability to connect with people, and the tolerance to put up with Shawn’s craziness.

Just the two of us

Together we’re perfectly curious! We want to experience other cultures though maybe for different reasons that allow us to continue growing together.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve had “chronically itchy feet”, no matter how recently we arrived somewhere. For the past 15 years Seattle has been our home -Way too long! We were raising a family and getting kids off to college and launched into the world. We’re confident they’ll make a positive difference in their own unique way.

The first step

In June of 2019 we came to a crossroad when the youngest graduated high school and within 18 hours had moved out of state. So, what do you do when the nest is empty? Yeah, you leave the nest behind! Our hearts are sail into the sunset but, we still own a contemporary circus (we’ll tell you more about that sometime – it’s almost like the time Shawn came home and announced that he’d “accidentally” bought a pig!), Geri has a local career in nursing, and we don’t yet have a boat that will take us across oceans.

So, about that boat… When we left the empty nest behind, we moved aboard a 50-foot power boat that we’ve since renamed (with all the pomp, ceremony, and appropriate sacrifices) 2nd Circus. Our circus is sort of like a boat – It provides amazing experiences and always needs us to fix something, buy something, change something, learn something new… you get the idea!

What’s next?

In our first summer cruising season, we logged over 1800 miles. That isn’t much in terms of long-range ocean cruising but, for a couple of weekenders, that’s pretty darn good! We also managed to harvest over 100 legal Dungeness crab!

Right now, we’re exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to the Broughtons, acquiring the skills and experience needed to cross oceans, and sharing our adventures with you. We sincerely hope you’ll join us on our journey and look forward to sharing where we end up.

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